This project is in the form of a film and website with supporting poster and

leaflet material produced by OGMA Productions working with media study students from Brockenhurst College and comes from the success of the TravelSafe DVD made on the Isle of Wight and distributed to 19000 students across the Island. It is to promote and encourage safer behaviour on and around public transport with the hope that more people will confidently access our fantastic New Forest integrated transport network and leave their cars at home!

The Community Rail Officer (CRO) will then go into schools and colleges to show the film with Transport operators and Hampshire Police to back up the message given on the film and encourage schools to form TravelSafe Partnerships to work on projects to take TravelSafe further.

These partnerships, which are already working on the Isle of Wight, will have a chair, secretary, a constitution, set agendas and take minutes, all of which give credibility to the group to deliver significant projects, benefiting all people who use the New Forests transport network.



Their partners, along with the CRP include Hampshire Constabulary, South West Trains, Wilts and Dorset, British Transport Police and teachers from their schools all help facilitate the young people’s ideas on improving the travel experience for all society in addressing anti social dangerous behaviour on and around public transport.

For this new project, the young people worked closely with tutors, the police and transport operators to ensure appropriate content which included the following;

  • One student ‘Jack’ was our fantastic ‘roving reporter’ to interview transport managers, BTP and the Police



  • Testimonials from young people, drivers, guards, police




  • Positive message promoting behaviour with top tips from partners



  • Positive message to encourage all to reduce our carbon footprint


  • The project was led by the young people working with their partners and OGMA Productions who helped and guided the group to decide how to best put a high quality film together with a memorable message to achieve the group’s aims and objectives.




  • It involved meetings and workshops with the partners and the film company to discuss timelines, format and the desired end result.




  • The film was launched in July and the website will be available to view and donload TravelSafe TV in all schools and colleges in the New Forest


There were 15 young people leading this project of mixed ages and abilities, their TravelSafe message is to reach all young people in the New Forest by 2011

What they have achieved

The students achieved 4 out of the five outcomes of every child matters;

  • Stay Safe – this was through engaging in the TravelSafe ethos whilst learning through the process of story board meetings, filming and launching the DVD whilst being safe and engaged.
  • Enjoy and Achieve – Through outside agency workshops, partnership working and the group setting up a ‘community structure’ which enabled the young people to follow a sensible process to see the end result. With working off timetable for the filming outside school time, it meant a commitment from the partnership to make the project happen with the added benefits of educational achievement.
  • Making a Positive Contribution – Along with the educational merits the production of this DVD brought to the young people, it has ultimately support safe, responsible travel to all society, encouraging more people to use public transport and reduce our carbon footprint thus bringing Economic Well Being ensuring the young people have a positive work ethic enabling them to maximise their employment opportunities.

What the funding partners have achieved

This mixture of out of and in school hours project helped deliver LAA targets and objectives. In securing extra funding for this DVD to be delivered the CRP has actively encouraged partnership working to support;

  • Safer and Stronger Communities,
  • Children and Young People,
  • Healthier Communities,
  • Economic and Development Enterprise.


A break down of production costs are as follows;

– 10 days filming

– 10 workshops post production.

– TravelSafe Website

– “credit card” style 14 page small leaflet

– A3 TravelSafe poster – Design and artwork

– A3 TravelSafe landscape poster – Design and artwork

– TravelSafe launch at Brockenhurst College

Press Release

Rail Partnership launches TravelSafe initiative at Brockenhurst College

Encouraging more people to use public transport properly was the brief given to media studies students at Brockenhurst College when they were asked to come up with a film and poster design for the TravelSafe campaign, being premiered on 2 July 2010.

The initiative is being led by the Lymington Brockenhurst Community Rail Partnership and follows on the heels of what started as a poster campaign on the Isle of Wight produced by students, to persuade people to leave their cars at home in favour of using alternative means of travel like the bus or train. This then led to another group of students on the Island making a 10 minute film for which 19000 DVD’s were distributed to students across the Isle of Wight facilitated by IoW CRP.

New Forest ‘TravelSafe’ will be launched on to the internet from …..2nd July and will be free to view at and, from September, it will be shown in schools wanting to form TravelSafe Partnerships with the Police and Transport Providers to look at their own transport issues and to help TravelSafe carry on with projects thought of by young people, facilitated again by the LB CRP. They will be encouraged to meet 4 times a year and eventually become self sustaining.

Posters and credit card sized information leaflets have been designed and produced alongside the film, with the aim of spreading the ‘TravelSafe’ message to as many people as possible in the New Forest area which again will be taken into schools for the start of the autumn term.  Furthermore, Wilts & Dorset Bus Company will be branding five of their busses for the new school year (2010-2011) with the TravelSafe poster and website link.

Plans are already in place to distribute the film across the South of the country and it has been highlighted to be used as a model of best practice nationally, among other transport operators in the UK.

In making the film the Brockenhurst students have worked closely with production company, OGMA Works, on a weekly basis since the beginning of the New Year, to develop a script and website for the film, as well as photographs for the new posters and leaflets.

Funding for the project (£20,000) has come from a range of organisations including Hampshire County Council via the Community Rail Partnership, New Forest District Council’s Local Strategic Partnership Community Action Network, the Police, Brockenhurst College, Designated Community Rail Development Fund from the Department for Transport and Network Rail via the Association of Community Rail Partnerships.








Work Diaries 

Production Diary by Kristian Smith

For this production members of our groups were assigned certain tasks to complete to go towards the completion of the production.

-On one day, one of the roles that I was given was sound recording. My job was to hold the boom microphone and record the audio side of the production. Some of the things that I should have made sure to do is when holding the boom microphone, holding it close enough to be able to pick up the sound that I was meant to be pick up, but not too close so that it would be in the shot.

I had to try various ways of holding it to get this right, but eventually I did and I enjoyed recording the audio in the end. I am happy that I have learned to hold a boom microphone correctly, so in the next occasion where one of these is used I will know how to do it, which will able me to have a lot more time.

-On another day, I was out collecting audio but for a different reason � I was collecting sound of train noises, doors opening, bins etc. This was because David wanted us to create an A/V music video to go with the intro/outro sections of our TravelSafe movie. We also decided to make it train themed, so that it went in accordance with the general feel of the production.

We had to look at the train station for things that would produce interesting or suitable noises for a potential song. Some of the sounds in detail that we collected was the sound of a train pulling in, a train door opening, a train door closing, the beep of an opening train door, the sound of an information terminal being pressed, some other doors being opened and evening the sound of a banana being thrown into a bin! It was a lot of fun recording different things and deciding what we think would sound interesting in an A/V arrangement.

I also had to be careful with where I placed the boom microphone � if it was too close to the objecting producing sound it may be distorted and unclear on the recording which would not sound too pleasant when it is being played back. Equally however I had to make sure the microphone was a reasonable distance close to be able to pick up a clear version of the sound that we wanted to record.  This area of recording was appealing to me since I have a more general interest in audio engineering (music production, etc).  Overall, this was the task I enjoyed doing the most.

-Once we had collecting all our sounds, we had to compile short clips ready to be added into the Ableton Live software � the workstation we would use to build our song.

Production Diary by Demi Byers

I had a large involvement in the pre production of the travel safe video, writing the stories and ideas with Susan and Chloe. I also wrote the scripts for the video, with other members of the writing team.

On the first day of filming my role was producer. Before we actually went out filming I helped organise what every else was doing, sorted out what equipment was needed and the costumes for the actors. I also briefed the actors on what they had to do, and the lines and actions they had to say and do. I also tried to keep control over the film set to stop interference with the south from people who are on set. I worked very closely with the director who was Aaron, to ensure that everything was going smoothly.

The producer is a big role in the industry as they are needed to organise everyone in the film crew and the actors. They also make all the big decisions with the director about locations, actors and cinematography issues.

Whilst filming I had problems with confirming what was happening on screen with the director. To solve this problem I made sure that we were both on the same page and I kept communicating with him so we didn�t get confused.

When we interviewed the travel safe representatives from Wilts and Dorset bus company and South West trains, I asked the train representative about the practicalities of filming in a train station such as how many people could we actually have on the platform whilst filming and also how long we can film on the platform for. The responses from the South West trains representative were very useful as they told us the limitations of filming on a train station so that we were prepared for the actual filming day.

On the second day of filming, I was the producer again. We filmed some parts in the train station, and some down a country road. I helped with the filming a lot this day, and we had a very short time to film in so I tried to make sure that we got everything that we needed filmed in the right amount of time.



Bobby Lock TravelSafe Project Manager

You can view the film online at


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