Rail Trail ‘Showing the Way’

The Community Rail Partnerships Officer Bobby Lock  has been working with a local artist Trudi Lloyd Williams, a local engineering firm and Lymington Junior school pupils and their family members to design and create a ‘Rail Trail’ between the station and the St Thomas’s Church, showing the most accessible and direct route to the town.

1st Assembly with Trudi Lloyd Williams introducing the art competition to the children of Lymington Junior School



Peter Vallance from EDL explaining the ‘smelting process’ (the children particularly liked this bit!



The trail in the form of bronze pavers leading the way, depicting healthy activities to do in the area and inspired by recycled bits and pieces of the activities in workshops which were led at the school. For e.g. for cycling, they used broken bits of bikes, yachting, and fibreglass, wood and sails and so on. 355 pupils, their families and the artist worked in clay which has been replicated in different mediums of bronze and aluminium, the latter material which was enthusiastically collected and recycled by pupils from the school of which a portion was donated as a plaque showing the project and presented to the school by the manufacturers EDL who are producing the bronze pavers.



Recycling can used to recycle the cans. Brockenhurst College kindly leant the can to do so.



Trudi and Peter  with some children who want to take part in the competition


The children’s original pictures for the designs were entered into a competition and those 8 winning designs are being used on two map boards to show healthy activities in their area.


Goody bags of prizes



Hard task of picking 8 winners



Some of the winning pictures



The winners     

This extensive detailed map shows the town, its community organisations, facilities, transport and amenities with a key to clearly show where everything is and will be at the start of the route outside the station and at the end, outside St. Thomas Church. The map has been produced by the same artist that worked on the map for Brockenhurst and is outside their station. New finger post signs will also to be installed at the crossing point to direct users to the Town Centre, Historic Quay and Station.  



Draft of Lymington Map

There also will be a leaflet with a section of the map and route to show the way and to celebrate the project and young people’s artwork, which will be available from those displayed on the map board.


Pupils and family workshops led by Trudi Lloyd Williams

This project grew from the 30 family members who expressed and interest for the project to a wopping 355 Mums, Dads, siblings and grandparents. This meant that the CRP Officer Bobby Lock had to draft in 2 extra artists for the workshops, along with extra clay, which was all very exciting and very busy.

Workshops with the Juniors

These are just a few of the many pictures taken over the days to show the children and artist hard at work. Please go to the gallery for more.






Trudi explaining that when using a ball to show an activity, it doesn’t have to be static.



Trudi and Mrs Moosun showing the route on the screen and reminding the children of the healthy activities they would be showing.






Workshops with children and their Families



This is the part of the project that grew from 30 interested family members to 355, meaning extra artists for the afternoon sessions.

This the families did with enthusiasm, fervour and not a little competition between teams, resulting in the school classroom and outside areas used littered with bike bits including wheels, chains, tyres and cogs to footballs, boots, walking shoes and boat bits.











The session, lasting for just over two hours saw the teams produce wonderful pieces of work that will then taken away for the next stage, making the moulds for the pavers.












Scheduled works to place the pavers with repairs to pavement along the route have been carried out by Highways and New Forest District Council just this week, with a site visit by children from Lymington Junior School to make sure all was going to plan.



The pavers go in!!!



Corner of the High Street and Gossport Street





Outside boots



Small red pavers provided by hampshire County Council, sourced by our Artist Trudi. These surround the bronzers to protect them from damage and are in keeping with other pavement installations in the town.



Detailed marking made the job a slow one…..but we all wanted to get it right

The crossing point, integral to the scheme as a whole helping passengers access the town across a sometime excessively busy road, which is the most direct and accessible route to the town will be installed and finished by the 16th December. There will be pavers round this scheme to highlight it is indeed part of the trail, as will original red cobbles, already apparent in the town which have been sourced by our artist, provided by Hampshire County Council.

Funding sourced by the Community Rail Partnerships lead Officer has paid for the map boards, the design workshops and bronze pavers from the artist and EDL, a map of the town and DL leaflets to celebrate the children’s project to be distributed at the station, community organisations and in the town. The funders are;

  • Lottery Awards for All
  • Department for Transport ‘Designated Community Rail Development Fund’
  • Lymington and Pennington Town Council
  • Hampshire County Council
  • New Forest District Council
  • Lymington and Brockenhurst Community Rail Partnership
  • Lymington Chamber of Commerce


  • The Community Rail Partnership and stakeholders will have a celebrated route to the town for community, passengers and first time tourists.
  • With a route which will utilise tactile and reflective materials and colours, this will enable visually impaired people to follow the route, incorporating pavement slopes and signified safe places to cross the road, assisting able bodied, wheel chair users and pushchairs. 
  • The families and young people who have worked on this project from concept, design, production workshops and with their art celebrated in a leaflet will be achieving the local authorities themes for the area as well as the young people themselves achieving all five of the five outcomes of every child matters.
  • The town will have improved pavements, traffic calming and signage with the map boards showing the town and 2 finger arms on existing posts pointing to the station, in a scheme that has involved the towns younger generation in an intergenerational project, to improve the area they live in promoting civic pride.

Councillor Mel Kendal, Chairman of the Lymington to Brockenhurst Rail Partnership said:

“The rail trail seeks to integrate the railway station with the town and the improved signage benefits tourists and locals alike. By heightening the presence of the rail link we hope to reduce our carbon footprint with a reduction of traffic on the very busy New Forest roads”

Bobby Lock said of the project;

“This has been one of the most amazing projects I have worked on with all partners showing such enthusiasm and commitment to implementing the scheme and showing their town to be a place where there is enormous civic pride”

There will be an official opening in the new year where the towns community and organisations will be invited to see the Ministry of Transport open the trail and see the Vicar of St Thomas Church ‘bless’ the trail.

The map boards are due to arrive in the next two weeks. HOW exciting to be involved with a community art scheme that will be in the town for many years to come.

For some of the designs, please look in the gallery.

Map Boards in!!!





Outside Lymington Station


Good weather graced us for the opening of the Rail Trail ‘Showing the Way’ and New Managing Director of South West Trains arrived in his usual good humour and a good hour before he was due to cut the ribbon, to walk the route. Trudi Lloyd Williams was there early too, with her brush and polish to make sure the pavers looked absolutely their best, which of course they did.

The time came to cut the ribbon and the speeches made, with the Friends of Lymington Brockenhurst providing welcome drink of squash for the thirsty and tea for the thirstier.

The trail opened and the leaflets distributed, we so really hope that the passengers and towns community appreciate the amount of work undertaken by all partners to improve access to the town.

Along the route that now ‘Shows the Way’ we have the map boards at the station and the top of the town by the Church, new finger posts showing the way to the station from the town, a crossing, to help folk navigate a sometime very busy Gosport street and of course, the pavers to follow and extensive work on the roads to make good the surrounding area.

The very exciting news is that Bobby Lock, Rail Development Officer have entered the project and artist into a national award through ‘ACoRP’ and it has been shortlisted in two categories;  1, ‘Involving Young People and 2, Community Art’.

These prestigious awards are in September in Swindon, where Bobby Lock will be present on a table hosted by Stagecoach. Watch this space!!!!



L-R Managing Director of South West Trains, Tim Shoveller

Rail Development Officer for South hampshire and the Isle of Wight Bobby Lock

Chair of Lymington-Brockenhurst Community Rail Partnership and Executive Member for Environment and Transport

For more pictures on the opening, please go to the gallery.


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